Register with Us

Welcome Applicant,

At Price Charter House we are HR consultants, Chartered Accountants and Recruiters, before we process any applicant application at our  end we require that the applicant registers with with Us.

What does it mean to register with US

  1. This registration guarantees an applicant a Job from PC house. 
  2. The registration gives an applicant the opportunity to access a free unlimited online CV builder  and Cover Letter Templates for a period of 6 Months.
  3. This registration also guarantees applicant free consulting services  which includes. Answering Interview Question, Salary Consulting, Applying for Jobs and many more.
  4. Free Newsletter on our current Jobs
  5.  Once Price Charter house assigns you to a job our team with background in your area of expertise will guide you through the first three month to ensure you become fully employed.
  6. Once you want to resign from a company Price Charter House helps you to do it the right way.
  7. Price Charter House helps you to prepare for your Interview.

Other Benefit will be discussed with you by your consultant assign to you at price charter house. 

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