Do You Need a CV or a Resume

Do You Need a CV or a Resume

You might have noticed that when you’re applying for a job, some say to send your CV, while others prefer your resume.

So, what’s the deal? Aren’t they technically the same thing? 

The answer: it depends on where you’re from.

In all of Europe - they are indeed the same thing and can be used interchangeably. If you’re applying for a job that asks for a CV, you should know that it’s the same as a resume.

Now, if you’re from the United States, it’s a bit different.

resume is a one page summary of your work experience and background to the job you’re applying to.

CV, meanwhile, is a longer academic diary that includes all your experience, publications and more.

The main difference is that a resume is about one page (max. two), whereas the CV can be longer. A resume is used for job hunting in all industries, and the CV is used for job and admissions in academia. And finally, the resume is tailored to the specific job you’re applying to, and the CV is a comprehensive overview. 

So, in short, CV vs. Resume - what’s the difference?

If you’re from Europe - they’re basically the same thing.

If not, a resume is a one-page summary of your work experience and background. And your CV is a longer academic diary that includes all your experience, certificates, and publications.

Simple, right?

Since you’re reading this guide, you probably want to learn how to make a regular, job-search CV. If that’s the case, then you’ve come to the right place.

For this, we recommend going with one of Novoresume’s CV templates.

What, you didn’t think you’d get away with using a simple MS Word CV template, did you? 

Nope, to stand out with your CV, you need something much more powerful.

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